Who We Are

We are a team of passionate musicians strongly believing this fact that the Music has ability to transform people in to something better so the society. We started this journey of bringing music to the lives of people in Apr 2017 with strong commitment to deliver the excellence in quality music training.

Vision and Mission

Inspiring and Providing the people with best in class ‘Music Related Arts’ within their reach with continuous drive to 'Learn, Play and Perform' there by Keeping Alive the Passion, Love and Appreciation for Music in People and Society


Our Music Training Center fosters a culturally rich environment that attracts and nurtures students into professional artists. We are equipped with 7 permanent music studios teaching different instruments such as Drums, Guitars, Keyboard/Piano, Arabic instruments, Indian-Western-Arabic Vocals & DJ. We also have 2 Performance Rooms to facilitate the exhibition of skills of the students.

What we do

We provide a variety of instructional and performance opportunities conducive to emotional, intellectual & creative growth of all ages and levels of musician ship.

Our Specialities :


It may be for your passion or career goal, we are the destination for your dreams and to start your journey in music world. We help students to ignite their passion and love for music. Learn, Play and Perform with us by joining our unique training programmes which can fit to your needs. This exciting musical journey with us will set the right path for students and also build personality with self-confidence, better cognitive skills, concentration, team spirit and overall emotional wellbeing.


From simple singer/songwriter intimate recordings to complex, full band multi-channel recording projects for movies, ads and events we can help you in composing, mixing and producing the most authentic and affordable music for your projects.


From Small Family events to corporaate celebrations, reach us to make your events more cheerful, exciting and colorful with our professional singers and bands.


  • Excellence
  • Experience
  • Exposure

Awaiting your magical moments to feel like rock star?...Start your journey with us now and make your dream come true. Not just teaching...But mentoring through the journey Feel the difference - before and after joining mms Exchange Programs With internationally acclaimed bands/musical organizations Musical Fusion of east and west and take them to next levels in musical journey. Grouping top performers in to Rock & Pop Fusion Bands to play in schools, concerts, community centers.