Our Programmes


Kids Rock

(AGE 5-7YRS)

This is for kids with no or very little music experience. The kids get to learn and experiment with multiple instruments, there they can explore and find that special interest of music they feel passionate pursue further learning through the 'Rock ON'.


Rock ON

(AGE 8-13YRS)

This is the first step to Modern Music Show's Major program where kids start their journey of music in their chosen instrument and style. This program combines our core philosophy of performance-based music education.


Rock Stars

(AGE 14-17YRS)

This is the escalating level for Rock ON players where students not just play instruments but imaginative skills reinforced through custom development plans outlined by their instructors. This inspires teens to perform on stage with incredible music skills. Call us now to know more...



(AGE >18 YRS)

This program specifically designed for Adults (Age 18+ Yrs) who are looking to improve their musical proficiency or pickup an instrument with no or very little prior musical experience. The syllabus of this program focuses on learning music concepts in higher pace and apply them in live performance setting. Call us now to know more...


Arabic Programs


Specialised Arabic speaking teachers for Arabic instruments and vocals suitable for all nationals. Call us now to know more...