Oud Classes

Modern Music Show invites children aged 5 and above to embark on an enchanting journey through our Arabic Programme. Through interactive lessons, melodious songs, and the introduction of the Oud musical instrument, young learners will not only develop conversational skills in Modern Standard Arabic but also gain a deep appreciation for the vibrant cultures of Arabic-speaking regions. 

Teaching Approach: 
Instructors at Modern Music Show adopt a comprehensive teaching approach for Oud classes. Through a blend of hands-on demonstrations, interactive sessions, and cultural exploration, participants not only learn to play the Oud but also immerse themselves in the rich musical heritage of the Arab world. 
Learning Accessibility: 
Oud classes are accessible to all age groups, fostering an inclusive environment where individuals of various ages can explore the expressive and intricate world of Oud playing. 
The Oud takes center stage as the instrument of focus in this course. Participants have the unique opportunity to explore the soulful sounds of this ancient stringed instrument, gaining a profound connection to Arabic musical traditions. 

Why Choose Us: 
Innovation - Bridging Tradition with Modernity: Modern Music Show embraces modern approaches to music education, ensuring that the Oud course incorporates contemporary teaching methodologies to make learning both engaging and relevant. 
Engagement - Harmonizing Culture and Learning: The program is designed to keep learners captivated and involved by combining Oud instruction with cultural exploration. Participants not only master the Oud but also gain insights into the rich traditions and melodies of Arabic music. 
Expertise - Guiding the Musical Journey: Participants benefit from the expertise of experienced instructors who guide them through the intricacies of Oud playing. The instructors' knowledge and passion for the instrument contribute to a holistic and culturally enriching learning experience. 
A Stringed Odyssey - Oud's Melodic Resonance: The Oud, a mesmerizing stringed instrument deeply rooted in Arab musical history, becomes the focus of the course. Participants delve into the unique techniques and emotional expressions inherent in Oud playing. 
"Oud" by Modern Music Show offers a harmonious journey for learners of all ages, connecting them with the rich cultural tapestry of Arabic music. With a comprehensive teaching approach, accessibility for all age groups, a focus on the Oud, and a commitment to innovation, engagement, and expertise, the course provides a profound and culturally resonant musical experience. 

Q: What is the age requirement for joining the Oud Classes? 
A: Our Oud Classes are exclusively designed for children aged 5 and above. We welcome little maestros to embark on an enchanting journey through our Arabic Programme. 
Q: Do children need prior musical experience to join the Oud Classes? 
A: No prior musical experience is necessary. Our Oud Classes are tailored for beginners, providing a nurturing environment for young learners to explore the world of music and the Oud instrument. 
Q: Will children learn to speak Modern Standard Arabic in addition to playing the Oud? 
A: Yes, our Arabic Programme integrates conversational skills in Modern Standard Arabic alongside Oud instruction. Through interactive lessons and melodious songs, children develop both musical and language skills while gaining a deeper appreciation for Arabic culture. 
Q: Can parents participate in the Oud Classes with their children? 
A: While parents are welcome to observe the classes, our Oud Classes are designed specifically for children. However, we encourage parents to engage with their children at home and support their musical journey. 
Q: Are there performance opportunities available for children in the Oud Classes? 
A: Yes, we provide performance opportunities for children to showcase their Oud playing skills. Whether it's a recital, a cultural event, or a classroom performance, we encourage children to share their musical talents with others. 
Q: How are the Oud Classes structured? 
A: The Oud Classes adopt a comprehensive teaching approach, blending hands-on demonstrations, interactive sessions, and cultural exploration. Children not only learn to play the Oud but also immerse themselves in the rich musical heritage of the Arab world. 
Q: Are Oud instruments provided, or do children need to bring their own? 
A: Oud instruments are provided during the classes. We ensure that each child has access to their own instrument to facilitate learning and practice. 
Q: How do I enroll my child in the Oud Classes? 
A: To enroll your child in the Oud Classes, simply visit our website or contact us directly to schedule a consultation. During the consultation, we'll provide more information about the classes, answer any questions you may have, and guide you through the enrollment process.